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Writing Intent

At Marsh Lane Primary School we embrace creativity and have developed our own  thematic curriculum, which we believe inspires our children to become creative writers. The ability to communicate effectively through writing is a skill we believe is critical to children's futures. We aim to ensure that the children learn to write clearly, with neat and legible handwriting, to spell and punctuate accurately and to write in grammatically correct sentences. Further, we focus on the need to be able to use appropriate writing styles in context, and to structure extended pieces of writing to achieve maximum impact.


We endeavour to create a purposeful atmosphere that will encourage children to become enthusiastic, independent and fluent writers. We work hard to ensure that writing opportunities link clearly to Key Questions so that children can apply their learning from across the curriculum, which means that children are given opportunities to write for real life situations that stimulate their curiosity. Because they have opportunities to read a wide range of texts before writing, children are confident when writing for a range of purposes, using writing skills and techniques that are built on each year. A high priority is also given to the teaching of spelling, punctuation and grammar. 


Through the teaching of writing at Marsh Lane our pupils develop the skills to effectively communicate and express themselves with the written word. They are well-prepared to move into secondary school and to further develop their skills to tackle more challenging tasks. They have a well-developed attention to detail for handwriting, spelling and grammar, and are confident writers. 


We use the 'No-nonsense spelling' programme throughout the whole school: from Reception to Year 6. This spelling programme was devised to offer a comprehensive yet accessible progression in the teaching of spelling.

The focus of the programme is on the teaching of spelling, which embraces knowledge of spelling conventions – patterns and rules; but integral to the teaching is the opportunity to promote the learning of spellings, including statutory words, common exceptions and personal spellings.

Please click here to see a short PowerPoint about 'No-nonsense spelling'

Alongside this, we also teach the common exception words for each year group as stated in the National Curriculum 2014.

Year 1& Year 2     Year 3 & 4      Year 5 & 6


At Marsh Lane we have extremely high expectations of presentation. From the earliest age we foster the correct posture, seating positions and pencil grips. We use hand and finger strengthening activities to promote fine motor development.

In Reception and Year 1 children are taught correct letter shapes and formations through our cursive crusaders programme.

From Year 2 onwards, we begin to explicitly teach correct joins and a stronger awareness of ascenders and descenders. These skills are developed through weekly handwriting lessons and practise as well as ongoing application in all of their writing. It is closely monitored and additional support is given to those that require it.

As they develop through Key Stage Two, a pen licence is awarded to children demonstrating consistency in their handwriting. This enables them to use handwriting pens and further develop fluency and their own style.

Cursive Alphabet

We celebrate writing in our classrooms, on washing lines, and celebration walls.

We currently have a school club, called the 'Writing Warriors' who have a passion for writing and want to inspire other children in school. It is made up of children in each year group and they will be working together to think of ways to make writing fun through school!