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Our Primary Curriculum


 At Marsh Lane Primary, our intention is to provide a curriculum that enables our children to raise their aspirations and provide them with opportunities to see the world beyond their immediate surroundings.

Cross curricular topics are used to meet pupil’s needs which are planned carefully, so there is coherence and coverage of all the subjects.  Reading, writing, speaking and listening and numeracy form the foundation to our teaching, ensuring our pupils have the appropriate skills in place to support their learning in other subjects.

Lessons are creative, fun and highly interactive, making use of our facilities both within and out of the classroom.  We try to use as much of our outdoor space as possible in all year groups, but in particular in the EYFS.

We aim to provide a curriculum which encourages our pupils to:

  • Be independent thinkers/learners who are able to seek solutions creatively and co-operatively
  • Develop links between their learning at home and in school
  • Inspire an ‘enquiring’ mind and ask questions
  • Read and write independently using knowledge of phonics
  • Be confident enough to take risks in their learning
  • Be able to listen and articulate responses showing consideration to others
  • Linking ‘real life’ with their learning (building on previous experiences)
  • Be aware of and recognise their own learning needs and be involved in planning future steps
  • Develop a sense of self-esteem and become well balanced and healthy individuals
  • Our curriculum is delivered through:
  • A combination of thematic based topics, in half termly units. This provides flexibility to work outside the boundaries of subject areas, adapt plans in accordance to the contributions made by the pupils themselves and to incorporate the discreet teaching of reading, SPAG, handwriting, mental maths and time tables.
  • A clearly mapped curriculum, building on previous learning
  • A text rich environment that builds upon the children’s range of vocabulary
  • Lessons that cater for a clear progression of skills that run through the whole curriculum including:
    • Problem Solving/Enquiry skills – questioning and time management
    • Social and Emotional Skills to build upon resilience, self-esteem and working independently
    • Computing Skills
    • A structure that provides opportunities for high quality, ‘next steps’ feedback to pupils, through verbal feedback and markin
    • High quality support and intervention to meet identified needs quickly, including phonics, writing, maths and pastoral support.

      The Primary Curriculum is divided into the following subject areas:

       Core subjects: English, Mathematics, Science and Computing

       Foundation Subjects: History, Geography, Art, Music, Design and Technology, Personal, Social and Health Education and Physical Education.

       Modern Foreign languages: We followed an Italian scheme for 3 years and German is now delivered in KS2.

      We have specialist staff from the local comprehensive school, who have delivered mandarin for half a term to Year 5/6 for the last four years as part of our partnership work.

      Planning and Delivery of the Curriculum:

       A variety of teaching methods are used to deliver the curriculum, due to the limited time children spend at school. Lessons are delivered using methods such as whole class delivery, group work and individual programmes of study integrated across the curriculum, based on the needs of the individual child. 

      We aim to provide memorable, enjoyable and stimulating learning opportunities for our pupils and to involve parents where possible with our thematic ideas, through class newsletters, INSPIRE workshops and opportunities to spend the morning in school to see the progression of subjects e.g. whole school maths morning, phonics workshops and reading.

       At Marsh Lane, we are always seeking to innovate where appropriate and to maintain and provide the best in primary curriculum possible.

      Our parent information leaflets for each year group can be found below:

      Parent Leaflet-Year1    Parent Leaflet-Year2     ParentLeaflet-Year3  

      Parent Leaflet-Year4    Parent Leaflet-Year5     Parent Leaflet-Year6