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Coronavirus information

We take the health and wellbeing of our children, parents’ carers and staff very seriously.

At Marsh Lane Primary we teach, HEALTHY BODIES & HEALTHY MINDS, and that sometimes we need help with both!

Whilst we are away from school during these unprecedented times, it’s absolutely paramount that we continue to take care of each other.

Here are just a few ways we can look out for each other and where you as parents/carers can reach out for help if you need to.

Explaining the coronavirus to children

Children are unique and can react in very different ways to what they see and hear. It’s our job as teachers, parents and carers to  look out for changes in their behaviour as this could be an indication that they are finding it hard to comprehend and cope with the changes to their routine, that are happening in their life’s at present.

Social stories are a good way to explain to the children what’s happening. They help to support and reassure children with what is happening in the world where they live. We have already shared one of the social stories below with the children but it might be nice to share this together at home.

Stay healthy and keep washing those hands

Effective hand washing has a crucial part to play in keeping us all safe. Sometimes it can be hard to reinforce to children the importance of this.

Click on the link below to help reinforce the correct handwashing technique to children.

Get Active…

Keep a healthy and happy mind by being active. Why not build physical activity into your new daily routine!

Get ready to get be “inspired and energised with the kids…get active, bounce around and have fun with P.E” with Joe Wicks.

Click on the link below to have fun with Joe!

Time for them and you… 

Need a few ideas to help you and your child to clear your minds and to relax?

Why not join Jamie from Cosmic Kids for Mindfullness and Relaxation through yoga, story and fun!

Here a couple of her stories that we thought you might enjoy…

Harry Potter and The Philosopher's Stone ¦ A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure!


Frozen ¦ A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure!

During stressful times it’s important that we try to help our children to find strategies to help them calm themselves down…here are some nice ideas for everyone to try.



You’re Not Alone – We’re In it Together

If you are beginning to feel overwhelmed with the situation, we find ourselves in at present, please remember YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

We might not be currently under our ‘Marsh Lane Family Home’ but we are a strong family and here to support each other through this extraordinary time.

Click on the link below to access a range of services within the local community which you can reach out to for support.


Don’t forget that you can contact us on the school number as we will be checking it regularly.                

Remember we are ‘stronger’ together!